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To the Interview Meme questions provided by starcat_jewel

1. Why did you decide to go into nursing, and have you had many problems due to being a man in a traditionally female field?
I started my college career as an aeronautical engineering student; when I took my physical for an aviation reserve officer candidate's program (need lots of money to learn to fly, most do this through flying for Uncle Sam, or, say, The Queen, etc.) I discovered I see colors in my own unique manner. So I volunteered for service in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman (that being something one can do when one see's colors in their own unique manner). Nearing my end of service and reviewing future plans, I realized there is something very rewarding about helping someone caught between that proverbial rock and hard place get back onto their proverbial feet (since after all, sometimes they don't have physical feet anymore). And, I wanted to be self- supporting by then (long since moved out of parents home and Gone to Look Into the Abyss). And, all the engineering programs I checked on required me to start pretty much from point Zero. I could complete a BSN in three years.

There's more to it than that, that's the quick version. I'd taken the MMPI (Minnesota personality inventory) test and the gist of that showed I'm a person who wants to make impact on the world. Well, after nearly 32 years in health care and 24 years in Nursing, I'd say that's a given. Done one person at a time, but 30 some years means a lot of persons.

As to problems being a male in a predominantly female profession... no, I'd say not many. Then again, I tend to look at things as opportunities to learn and grow. I'm not saying such things don't happen; there's one former supervisor with whom I didn't get along well. Was that a female-male thing, or was it an educational/experiential qualifications issue? There's more evidence to support the latter than the former. Early on I frequently ran into the assumption that as a male who is an RN, I must be homosexual. Haven't seen that for quite some time but then again, I've been with the same Very Significant Other for 21 years, 17 of them Married with Benefit of Clergy. These days there are more raised eyebrows about my predilection to photograph nudes than my being a nurse.

2. If you could change 3 things about your body, what would they be? (Fantasy answers, such as super-powers, also acceptable.)
Well, overall I'm pretty comfortable with who I am and what holds Me together on this plane of existence. That includes the evidence of milage. Still... despite the fact that now I've lived longer without it than with it, I guess I'd like to have my right kneecap back (that's 1). And my sense of smell, it sure would be nice if that worked a bit better than it does (that's 2). (Then again, do I need to give up the learning experiences that went along with those two thing? It's not in your question, only that I could change something. I won't give up the experiences.)  Fantasy such as super-powers... I do still enjoy flying (though I never did pursue getting my pilot's license, too expensive) (that's 3).

3. What's your favorite participatory game (board, card, RPG, etc.)?
Only one? Currently been playing a lot of Munchkin, with several extensions included (Star Munchkin and Munchkin Fu). Fairly big fan of both chess and Go, if not particularly good at them. Does AutoCAD count as a participatory game?

4. Chocolate: milk or dark?
YES! Quite serious here, I am an avowed, devout, and proudly unrepentant Chocoholic. So milk, dark, or white, bring it on, baby!

5. Given the climactic range of the continental US, do you prefer hotter summers or colder winters? (i.e. would you rather live in Minnesota or Arizona?)
I grew up in Michigan, was 20 when I left for that All Expenses Paid Scenic Tour provided by my my rich uncle, Sam. Uncle Sam brought me to Florida, and for education followed by employment I stayed. Though here in North Central Florida, we do get cold weather in wintertime (hard freezes, temp below 20 d F). Summers, I tend to estivate. I do need to answer that I prefer cooler weather. But SWMBO prefers warmer weather, and I prefer to be with SWMBO.

And for someone who says coming up with questions proved harder than answering them, you did a pretty good job, Starcat Jewel. :-)


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