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Not Enough Coffee

 Yet. That's the only hopeful thought at the moment. A bit groggy this morning, and up at the usual time despite this being the start of one week away from hospital. I've work to do this morning. There's some printing to do, and then it's time to pack. This afternoon (it will be a long one) will be spent traveling to Washington State, so as to join my colleagues in the Washington State Council of Perioperative Nurses for an educational seminar. Not co-incidentally, I will be presenting at this same seminar.

Since SWMBO received a notice from the Wonderful Folk at the County Seat to report for jury duty, she is not available to take me to the airport. This might have been the case if I were flying from our local airport (Gainesville); however, the ticket is provided to me because I am presenting, and the Wonderful Colleagues who are doing that quite logically purchased the most economical ticket they could. Thus, I am on a direct flight from Orlando to Seattle via Alaska Air. Since the ticket was purchased before the current spate of fuel price increases, it truly is quite economical. However, I must high myself on down the road to MCO. Parking (even in the less expensive off-site parking facilities) for a week is more expensive than a 24 hour rental from the wonderful folk at Budget Rental, so I picked up a sub-compact yesterday after leaving hospital.

Rather more correctly I should say I reserved a sub-compact. I picked up a mini van, upgraded because the auto returns for the day were running behind. Same rate as the sub-compact. Easier to get luggage in and out of. Sweet.

Stopped on the way home to resupply with bubble wrap; we have some here, but I'd rather not run out and I've four framed prints to pack along with me. We will do a silent auction fund raiser for the AORN Foundation (more on the Foundation in a bit) at the WSCPN Mini-Congress, and maybe (if I can talk them into it on short notice) another auction of a single piece for another cause I support. I'll update y'all on that later. Suffice it for now that I'm bringing three prints that will go into the Foundation auction, and were made on other nursing-related trips. And the printing I need to do is related to that.

Stopped another place on the way home and purchased an APC external lithium battery for the old laptop; the current internal battery is indeed showing signs of age and no longer holds a charge for much more than an hour or two. I'm testing this out on my box; if it works we'll get a second one for the laptop Ruthie received from her brother. That will extend the service life of these two old laptops for a bit, but not quite so much that I won't be shopping for a new laptop early next year.

I mentioned the AORN Foundation. This is a non-profit organization, separate from my professional association (the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses), with the purpose of raising moneys to provide scholarships, grants, and other gifts to support nursing education and research. As with many other non-profits of a similar nature, gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible. So all the proceeds from this particular auction will go to the Foundation on behalf of WSCPN. For more information on the AORN Foundation, go here.

Since I am traveling with laptop, I expect I may be able to do updates as we go along. I remember being able to last year, for sure.

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