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Winding Down Today

A most satisfying day. Up, packed, and away from Tacoma by 09:15; had been shooting for a bit earlier but proved to be the perfect time. Traffic (yes, I'm definitely in a Big City Place) was present and moving, rather than stop and go. Left a thank-you gift with my friends for their hospitality.

Met up with singingnettle and wandered on down to Juanita Park for a brief photo expedition. Caught a bunch of mallards and gulls being urban wildlife (looked fairly boring, though), and some wind-surfer-parasailers out on Lake Washington. It does seem to be a trend (statistical sample of two) that when we pair up for photo expeditions it will be A Blustery Day.

Wrapped up the photo ops with lunch at the Royal Indian restaurant there, joined by miz_hatbox and Mr. miz_hatbox aka scorched_mirth. Thinking good thoughts, guys, sending good energy.

Back to the house and uploading and sorting photos made at Juanita Park until ihgreenman arrived home, then some alternate visiting than the photo geeking. Also dinner via take-away from City Thai, oh my! I am well fed today. Well, I've been well fed all week here & in Chelan so far. Then I toddled on down the road to find my crash space for the night. This is a spot near to SeaTac, as I do not wish to drive long distances after waking up very early to make it to the airport on time, though I've another night yet, and more friends to visit.

So just now, I'm going to toddle off to a bath and then to bed.
Tags: photography, travel

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