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I Was Going To Do This

Contemplated doing this as a photo blog entry, as it turns out I didn't flake out in the room. However...

We drove home over Highway 2, stopping in Leavenworth for a meal. This is the same place (and we ate at the same place) B took me two years ago. Did get some foliage change shots on the way home, out the car window and at a rest stop. We also kept an eye on the clock, because I'd reserved a car rental from Enterprise, for pick-up at 18:30. Called while we were on the road and it looked like we might be a bit late (traffic back-up on 405 north of Seattle). As it worked out, though, we came into the business fairly close to on-time. Good thing I made a note of the confirmation number, because according to the guy at the desk they'd been "sold out" of vehicles all day, at least via the Internet. Anyway, I've got a nice, small Chevy for around $130 plus or minus.

Left the print "Wooden Fence" as a thank-you present with B & D. Left food left-overs from take-away dinner with S & I. Wondering if I'm missing some aspect of Fairfield Inn culture, as there's a coffee maker in my room, but no coffee. So, a slow wake-up morning, no coffee, foggy outside. Called R for updates, she agrees more comfortable with glass bottles (of buckwheat honey) being packed than plastic, and I'll wrap the puppies win the plastic bags, too. Packing them simplifies my process tomorrow pretty well. The only real debate will be if there's room for the tripod in the checked bag or not. So it's on about 10:00 and I need to get moving. I may well opt for a lazy day, processing photos instead of making them. Still, there's a couple things I could do today.

I had to go out for lunch anyway. At least, that's as good an excuse as another. I grabbed the camera bag, got into the rental, and turned right as I exited the parking lot, then right again on 200th St, and took that over to 509 aka 1st or something like that. I'd set out to find a park I thought was Normandy Park. However, reading the map while eating a Subway sandwich for lunch it seems Normandy Park is one of the ‘burbs, not a park. So when I finished the sandwich, I turned south on 509 and followed Marine View Drive until I came to Saltwater State Park. A bit of a walk-about and some photographs later, back up Marine View Drive until I came to Des Moines Memorial Drive. Yes, there is a Des Moines in Washington. I've been there. Still might could need to go to Des Moines, Iowa, but that's another issue. Paused once on the drive because I saw an interesting sign... for a violin maker.

Then back to the hotel, because I've got to re-pack the big bag getting ready for tomorrow and the flight home. Hmm, let's see. Twelve pounds of buckwheat honey, one framed, matted print, and a tripod. Plus a load of clothing worn during the week and in need of laundry.

So now the big bag is repacked, and I've heard from B about dinner tonight with B & T, so I'm about to hop back into the rental and head north again, nearly to the same place as yesterday. Not sure what the traffic is going to be like, so I'm going to allow plenty of time. I'll haul the big bag out with me, because then I won't need to do that tomorrow morning. Packing the honey simplifies my life considerably; it's well padded and further wrapped in plastic bags, and so is most of the clothing in close proximity. Since I won't need it anymore this trip, the tripod is packed in there as well. That will much simplify tomorrow morning.

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