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Ripped from songius

Which, I suppose, is not very super-hero-ish.

You scored as William Wallace. The great Scottish warrior William Wallace led his people against their English oppressors in a campaign that won independence for Scotland and immortalized him in the hearts of his countrymen. With his warrior's heart, tactician's mind, and poet's soul, Wallace was a brilliant leader. He just wanted to live a simple life on his farm, but he gave it up to help his country in its time of need.




The Amazing Spider-Man


El Zorro


William Wallace


Indiana Jones


Neo, the "One"


Lara Croft


Batman, the Dark Knight


The Terminator


James Bond, Agent 007


Captain Jack Sparrow


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with

It came to a tie-breaker, and of the four questions (You love California, You love climbing on stuff, You wouldn't mind wearing a kilt, Family is everything to you) I'm willing to bet, oh Gentle Reader, you can figure out which one I selected. Though I'm not sure what sword-swinging skills Spidie brings to this group...

Ah, well, it's fun. I am surprised Captain Jack didn't rate higher, as mentioned; the scurvy rake be one o' me more... feared... heroes, matey. And I just don't have the requisite plumbing for Laura Croft.

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