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Lake Chelan, Saturday Morning

When I started playing on LJ, one of the thoughts I entertained is that this would be a photo-blog of sorts, looking for feedback about my art, and offering samples of it. Over time, it's been a lot of play, with only recently beginning to post artwork. Much of that has been in the form a "photo essays" where several images from a particular session or trip are posted together. However, this is slowly changing. When I do post such images, they will be behind a cut for several reasons. Bandwidth, time, and you may or may not be interested in the art. Warnings, if necessary, will also be posted. Generally, the image itself displayed here will be a link to the larger image in storage.

Lake Chelan, Saturday Morning
Lake Chelan, Saturday Morning

If you've looked through my LJ you'll have seen this image posted as two separate images. This particular image is a montage of those two frames, taken seconds apart. I considered applying the "diptych" technique, but ruled it out because there is too much overlap between the frames. Feel free to ask if you don't know what the terms I use refer to.

Tags: art, landscapes, photography
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