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It Is Weekend

I'm thankful for weekends. Life has not always been so, that while still gainfully employed to support one's self and family, that weekends were time off of work.

And for Friday (distracted by that same Gainful Employment), I am thankful for friends, physical and virtual, and their delightful senses of humor. Specifically for responses to my poll. I set that up because I was tired and mildly frustrated, and so several of the responses include tongue in cheek. Thus, I'm probably going to interpret the plethora of responses to "Pirates, Arrrgh" as complementary to taking the money and running.

It is weekend again, and so I am relegated to my Rural Dial-up connection, strolling at a liesurely 24000 through what Houdini likes to call The Internet Place. Text is no big deal, but graphics may be frustrating at that speed. So often I don't view graphic posts to LJ on weekend.

The BorderCollie Bros are enjoying the current weather (as is Mamma Munch); even though the past couple of days the highs are up to 26 C 80 F, at night they drop to 10 C 50 F, and Border Collies definitely appreciate that. While always willing to go do things (particularly when accompanying us), they're a lot more enthusiastic about it when the shortest distance between two points need not necessarily include all shade trees enroute.

We've gotten the furniture from Mother Mary's situated, and the Kittens of the Apocalypse are becoming accustomed to it. One thing they're not happy about is being reinforced, though. Kittens are not allowd on Tables. All other furniture, yes, but not Tables. Mamma Munch has learned that it is permissible to get up on the new couch in the Library / TV room (our actual "living" room, as where we spend much time while at home), but not on the couch in the Parlor. Couch in Library is covered with a slip cover, is why.

Today I hope to get some work done in Studio 318; not photography, but getting ready for full-time functioning over there. A few furniture items will be remaining with us as pieces for Studio. Two of those are chairs from the old dining room set. The table not so much; it needs significant work, and while I've the equipment to do that work I've neither the time nor inclination. There are other things more important. The chairs, however, are worth the time they may need. Always good to have chairs in a photography studio. The third item is, in fact, another chair; it needs re-upholstery before being truly functional, but we've got the fabric. As well as, this weekend should see a fabric shopping trip with chaosloki.
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