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I'd already decided to do this when I posted last Wednesday's poll, but it occurs to me that with yesterday being an election day in many places, tallying things up today is appropriate. So:

The answers to Question 1 (more or less, what should Mad Shutterbug do) are strongly in favor of finishing up the 30, with looking crosseyed at surgeons a close second. Since it will be much easier to do the second place item if I continue the first place item, I suppose I see some support there. Two other items received answers, but there isn't enough to worry about recapping them.

Question 2 receieved answers to only two points, and I've already previously stated (somewhere, probably in the comments) that since Pirates are quite (in)famous for taking the money and running, this one is a no-brainer.

Question 3 received the least responses (assuming that the previous two questions reflect the maximum number of respondees, period) of any of these, but the summary seems to be that I should find a job that pays me to be the Mad Shutterbug, on the West Coast.

Hmm. Well. Guess I'll need to look for property along the Gulf Coast of Baja Georgia, then. 'Cause I won't be able to finish the 30 on the other two West Coasts that I know of.
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