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Face To Face

I've now taken an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with Sage. She's about four years old, supposed to be a quarter horse but looks to have some thouroughbred in her. She's decided I do good ear scritching, and I provide nice treats as well as food. Wait 'til I start bringing her carrots and apples. *G*

We did get a chance to meet this morning; on my way out she was by the fence alongside our private road, and I paused to talk to her out of the car window. But it was early, and foggy, and I also needed to get on down the road to Hospital. They're funny about that, want you to actually be there and work in order to pay you.

Our neighbor's son, T, has a horse in her pasture that adjoins our property, and Sage & Him have been getting to know each other on opposite sides of that fence. Still, she did come trotting over for evening meal.

Pretty gait.

Now remember, this is Ruthie's horse.
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