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Still Waiting, & a Twist

Still waiting for the Storm. Since it's taking a bit longer to get here, I'll be out to do another police of the ranch today.

Meanwhile, I don't recall where I saw the idea, but do recall it being somewhere on LJ here. Just a little nudge for an idea source, actually, for some creativity. First a brief aside:

Once long ago I organized a very informal workshop for friends interested in writing. We did this once a year for about three-four years. Most of us were interested in either or both science fiction or fantasy, and all of us had done some writing, though no one had been published. In fact, I'm not sure any of us ever did get published, at least not in that genre. I guess I can claim I've been published, but that's for another time.

One of those years, someone posted exerpts from insurance reports at work, one to two liners which, taken out of context, were pretty hilarious. The one I recall well was, "I looked at my mother-in-law and drove the car into the river."

I transcribed that list so that each line was on a 3 by 5 card, the cards went into a box, and each participant drew a card. That line needed to appear in what would be the opening paragraph to a short story or novella. We did three rounds on this, so after the first paragraph was done, the cards went back into the box, and we drew again.

The purpose of the exercise, then, was to take something which sounded (in 'reality' whatever that is) very odd, and work it into something that would be feasible. Spark the creative process by bouncing off the proverbial wall.

Somewhere in my surfing through LJ, I crossed a comment that instructed people to take the subject lines from Spam e-mails, and use that as the same creative process spark: make that image real.

So, of course, I've started a file...


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