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No, all my troubles didn't seem so far away. Nor was it a troublesome day. Mostly, it was a slow day.

I tried posting to LJ in the evening, but the dial-up then was not wonderful. OK, so that was troublesome. The posting didn't go through, which is no major loss because all I did was recount the slow activity nature of the previous two days.

On that count, the good news is the To Do list is being checked off. Mind you, it wasn't a terribly extensive to do list; I've mounted a shelf over the south windows in the library/family room (wherein also lives our TV & video center). I've done some vacuuming of floor and furniture (more to go). I've played with the Border Collie Bros, though not introduced them to Sage yet. Sage is still not quite sure about Mamma Munch the Wolf, much less see an entire wolf pack (from her point of view).

I also started converting some of the RAW data from Tuesday's "Hands" shoot; that reminded me why I didn't complete the same process for the Satyr shoot in August. Much as I like my faithful laptop, Calf, doing graphics work does show his age. Slllllooooow is not quite an adequate term for working with the RAW data, and once files start getting big in any format (TIFF, JPG, etc.), the same thing happens.

Ah well, as six years and still a functioning machine at all, there's not much to complain about for laptops. When new, Calf was quite the sporting fellow, with 256 Mb RAM and a 4 Gb hard drive. The drive was replaced about three years later with a 40 Gb drive, but that's truly the most that can be done to tweak him up. He's maxed out where he is.

*sigh* I really do want a graphics-dedicated workstation. The reality of my life is I may need to replace the laptop with one which can also handle graphics, rather than have a separate desktop as well. If this is my worst problem, I'm in pretty good shape.



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Nov. 13th, 2005 08:44 pm (UTC)
What's your fav photo-tweaking program?
Nov. 14th, 2005 10:42 am (UTC)

In one sense, I'm not sure I've found it yet. *G*

I use Photoshop. Not on the most current version, IIRC it's 7.0.

I've an old nagshareware version of LView Pro which gets used moderate frequently for viewing files, not for tweaking.

Currently using Nikon's Picture Project for uploading images/cataloging images from camera memory cards & scanned negatives/transparencies. I Am Not Impressed. A friend recomments Adobe's Photo Elements. I also want to try Nikon's Capture, since it's supposed to allow for "remote" control of the camera.

I have used Paint Shop Pro in the past. In many ways, it is comparable to Photoshop.
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