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The Wonderful World of Travel

I'm in the Big D. Getting here wasn't the worst trip I've ever been on.

Up at oh-dark-WTF-thirty to get to the airport one hour before the flight was due to leave. Small airport, local, backwater, three airline Flying Culverts airport; the best part about it is the free Internet access. Based on experience, one hour would be quite sufficient to get checked in and through security.

It proved to be more than sufficient. After boarding the Large Flying Culvert, we were required to de-board so that the floor emergency lighting could be repaired. Which required bringing in an independant contractor because the particular airline's maintenance workers are on strike.

Three hours and one false start later, we de-parted. Bounced through Memphis, no problems there except that the Internet access isn't free. Ate a fairly good Deluxe Club Sub and whiled away the time trying to crash the Not Free Internet. Succeeded at intake of calories, but I'm sure you've figured out the other is not one of my successes.

Landed in DFW at 15:22, and then proceded to drive around DFW (well, ride, I was a passenger) while Super Shuttle shuttled superbly between Terminal B and Terminal E and Terminal B and ... you get the idea. Arrived at the hotel at 17:00. Checked in, caught up with my hosts to provide the handout material for my presentation. Happily, my friend cleverly used the PDF material I'd posted on my OR-Nurse web site since I proved to be so tardily at the mercy of the airline.

So now, letting y'all know it's cool and breezy here in D. Glad I brought along sufficient layers. *G*
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