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Yesterday evening my hosts here in The Big D provided an evening entertainment for everyone. Current Fed regulations affect this, at seminars and conventions like this; either they entertain everyone, or no one. What we did is get on busses here at the Wyndham and ride over to the Dallas Aquarium. It's an interesting place, combining other things than fish; there are fish, and some mammals, and flamingos. The overall theme inside the building reminds me of a big sinkhole environment, layered as one gets down close to (and then under) the water. Pretty cool.

They also provided a wine/beer/non-alcoholic bar, h'or deurves (or however that's spelled), and Mexican. Not Tex-Mex. Mexican. It was good, too. Done as a buffet, and chef's there to grill up what each attendee requested so that they could also get just the spicy they wanted. Something like fajitas, but not exactly.

Believe it or not, I ate only one chocolate covered strawberry.

Today it's time to go be studious. Tomorrow it will be time to be presentious. Not presumptious, just presentious. (hmm, did that make sense?)
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