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Wrap, Not to be Confused with Rap

I've now done my theatrical bit, expousing on various means to determine just what it is we've done... as a corporate entity. Chart audits. Yeah, that's one of my favorite things to know about, so I'm sure it's yours too. Thus, suffice it to say I made some points on how to do it efficiently.

I've always felt that computers (besides providing us a means to enjoy passing great quantities of time doing things like LJ) excell at doing Donkey Work. You know, like the little donkey that goes around in a small circle for days on end to pump water/grind grain or such.

I've also now the ability to honestly state I've seen Patch Adams. Twice. In one year. This one proving to be a smaller audience than the first time (only around 1500 people, as opposed to around 3 times that), I felt both that he was more interesting and that I got more out of the meeting. I do mean meeting, too; when he presents, it's his soul he's putting out there for people to see. He doesn't call himself a comedian. He's a clown, who also happens to be a doctor.

Me, I can identify with that. I'm a photographer, who also happens to be a registered nurse.

Off to the evening reception, a social/business function. Well, that and dinner at the same time.
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