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Sitting in DFW

While not the most laptop-travelling friendly place (power points for land-juice are few and far between, and at least with the airline I'm using so are seats in the terminal), there is wireless access. Hitched a ride to the airport with one of my friends with GE (THANKS, D!) which saved some money. Didn't even need to come a great deal early to do it, just early enough. Did miss the afternoon sessions, as mentioned previously. So it goes.

So, big little seminar done. Good time. Nearly all business, and what wasn't business quite definitely pleasurable visits. Waiting for time to board the Big Bus With Wings. Check in was rather painless, security was security. They did make me take off my shoes. Not looking for metal, says they. Wow, I guess I look dangerous.

In general, I do try to discard regrets, or even better never pick them up in the first place. Still, it would have been nice to have at least the point and shoot camera. R used it the weekend before and hadn't unpacked it yet. Could be an argument to purchase a second one, I guess. This type of travel (business, strictly business) I don't bring the camera bag, travel very light. In fact, I could possibly have gotten away with not checking the one bag and done both as carry-ons. Should I start doing more travel of this type, I will condense things into all carry-on. Much more versatile for punting flights back and forth.

There'd been a comment made during one of the sessions this morning which proved interesting. Individual in question was trying to communicate about skill and knowledge levels which the "Team" has, but could and should have chosen his words with more care. Comment instead strongly implied that the non-clinical members of "Team" had been around clinical so long they're clinical. I consider myself a geek nurse, do not consider myself a nurse geek. I've enough wherewithal to have a ticket for the IT Clue Bus, can make my needs known well enough to someone who is tech, and I would not call my self an IT Tech. Fortunately, the fox pass was perceived by enough people on "Team" that it's been addressed, and while I won't be there to hear it, there will be a retraction and rephrase.

I think I miss that more than the sessions themselves. That would be fun to watch.
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