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I Am

Tired. Bone-weary, somewhat concerned about the drive home tired. Not sure why I should be so tired. Well, that's a bit of a mis-direction. I've got suspicions, none of them physical-based.

Tomorrow it's up early, toss some food at the ranch critters and go join R's family for T-day. Or at least most of them. It's going to be a long day, we're planning on being home tomorrow night. Because, you see, Friday evening it's off to a wedding rehersal (R is in the wedding party), and Saturday evening is the wedding itself.

I'm going along because I like going places with my honeybear. And because Saturday will be an excellent excuse to wear the Birthday Present Sexy New Boots. I don't think I'll wear the full-blown formal Black Tie, not being a member of the wedding party. Which, BTW singingnettle, isn't really a tux, it's a boise. Believe you mentioned something about me in a tux next door at Flickr (and thank you for the compliment), but I've never, ever worn one of those. *G*

Now that does lead me to think, what types of formal wear have I worn. Hmm. Think I've a portrait in another type of formal wear somewhere...
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