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Frances cleared the Bahamas and did exactly what we expected it to do; stalled right over the Gulf Stream. The eye is reforming, and it is slowly strengthening. This is a really big storm; it need not be super strong to be nasty to us. It doesn't even need to pass over us, and we'd still get a lot of water out of it. As it stands, it is coming our way, and slowly. We're going to get good and wet.

All the livestock water troughs are full. All the chicken water jugs are topped off as well. Our Really Big Cooler is full of water for birds as well as two other plastic bins formerly used for recycling. Their change of occupation from recycling bins occurred this morning when we unloaded them and while I ran the last of the trash out to the dump & recycling area. It's not just trying to keep fresh water for them, the mass keeps them from blowing away.

We're still cleaning out some recently used two-liter jugs and filling them up; keeps us from being bored. Right now we're looking at about two weeks worth of cooking and drinking water on hand. This is up from what we normally keep on hand, but not by a huge amount. Living out on a rural electric co-operative, the power is known to go out during any bad storm.

It's the pace of progress that has me most concerned. This storm is going to pound us for a while. Charlie tore up the length of the peninsula in around 12 hours; it's speed of progress is one reason it was still a category one storm when it left the east coast and headed out over the Gulf Stream. Frances may loose strength after making landfall (then again, may not), but it's going to be around for a bit.

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