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We didn't get up particularly early; in fact, I slept about a whole half-hour longer than usual. Right around 08:00 I checked the time. I'd been on-line catching up with some bank business and realized it was time to stop. Got dressed and headed out to let the Border Collie Bros stretch their legs while throwing some corn at the hogs, hay at the goats and cows, a bit of hay and some feed at Sage the Horse. Then we cleaned up, loaded up, and headed over the river and through the woods and over the river to the Lake House.

Well, actually, first we met with the siblings and extended at grave-side, to pause and recollect our departed family, and be thankful for family still here. Then we went to the Lake House. Here, we've spent time with Reef, an Ozzie Collie who belongs to Ruthann's brother, and moving through the house putting some more things into boxes and making some notes. We'd brought gnoshes and dnibbles for family to munch on if they come by, so far it's been really quiet.

So I uploaded some photos to Flickr, and might upload some more to LJ, we'll see. But just now, Reef is looking at me through the window and I'm allowing myself to succumb to those two-tone eyes.
Tags: family, pets, thanksgiving

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