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Day. Oh.

It's been a productive day here at KP Ranch. Please note, I did not say busy day. We've spent time with all the animals (the Border Collie Bros most ecstatic about this), eaten meals, taken a nap and finished up touches on a dress to be worn tomorrow; by Ruthie, not me, I did the nap. I've done some file maintenance on the old computer, and moved image files off of cards so I can photograph the rehearsal this evening.

I'm not doing the wedding tomorrow.

Oh, I'll bring along the point and shoot, but I'm not bringing any other cameras with me tomorrow.

We've avoided needing to purchase anything today. Tomorrow will be a bit different, as I'll at least be buying gasoline. Probably some other things too. But nothing major.

Time to go feed the Bros before getting ready for the rehearsal.

Have fun, y'all.
Tags: life the universe and everything, ranch

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