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Bacause I Am a Man of Honour

Tagged by fatfred six times to List seven songs I'm into:
Do you know where your towel is?

So the listing goes behind the cut, since it's fairly long. I mean, after all, seven songs time six tags is indeed 42 items. Now, right up front I'll tell you I've not been listening much lately, except on my drive to/from hospital and occasionally on weekends. Not sure why, as I do incline towards listening to radio more than watching television. Well, OK, I moved the portable boom-box over to Studio 318 aka the North Wing of the KP Ranch House, so I don't have it in the home office to listen to. That's part of it, but not all.

Anyway, I digress. In some instances, I will be listing entire albums rather than individual songs; there will be comments as we go along. That said, let's get on with this. I'll number items so as to help keep things straight with that commentary along for the ride.

Songs For the Season
1: Adeste Fidelis
2: Do You Hear What I Hear
3: Carol of the Bells - symphonic
4: Little Drummer Boy : My mother loved this song, and at one point I could play it on guitar.
5: Veni, Veni Emanuel : Yes, the gregorian chant in the original latin, not the English translation.

6: Carmina Burana - Cantiones Profanae (Carl Orff) Yes, the whole thing. There's no way on earth to dissociate any individual cantione from any other in this work.

7: CSN
8: CSNY : I find it hard to pick out single pieces from either two of these albums. Both of these date from one of the most significant periods of my life, if not in their release, then in the time I first encountered them as whole albums.
9: Find the Cost of Freedom : it's from their live album following CSN, CSNY, it's their encore piece, and the guitar harmonies which open the piece up alone would bring this one to be listed. Then as they approach the end of it comes the vocals, capped with the acapella last bar. It haunts me to this day.

10: The End : I liked this piece long, long before Francis Ford Coppala featured it in Apocalypse Now. Seeing that movie, hearing this song in it in the circumstances, having lived my own thread...

Dougie MacLean
11: Auld Lang Syne

12: Orinoco Flow

Eric Clapton
13: Before You Accuse Me
14: Crossroads (original studio with Cream)
15: Layla

Fleetwood Mac
16: Landslide
17: Tusk

Jed OConner
18: Sanddancer

Jefferson Airplane
19: Somebody to Love
20: White Rabbit

Jimmy Buffett
21: A Pirate Looks at Forty : Yes, I am a Pirate, 200 years too late...
22: Margaritaville

Joe Walsh
23: Funk #49
24: Rocky Mountain Way
25: Life's Been Good To Me

Led Zepplin
26: Ramble On
27: Battle of Evermore

28: Eleanor Rigby
29: Get Back
30: Norwegian Wood
31: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
32: With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker : While the Beatles do their own work really, really well, Joe Cocker's rendition is, for me, the defining version of this piece. It's like it was written for him.

33: It's a double album, and I really can't pick out any one single piece from this album. In part because of the way the work is produced (there's no pause between numbers, each one seque's into the next, and each side of the orignal vinyl production is a complete set unto itself), and in part because of the first time I heard the album all the way through, it runs through my head as a single piece.

Mary Jane Lamond
34: E Horo : It's in Celtic, I don't understand a word of it, I love this song!

35: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik : Though I felt very tempted to list, simply, "Mozart" as a single piece.

36: Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen : Because of who she is, was, and will be...
37: Se a Cabo
38: Singing Winds, Crying Beasts

Steve Goodman
39: Somebody Else's Troubles
40: Lincoln Park Pirates

Steven Stills
41: Blues Man : solo, acoustic, biting, sad and honest acceptance of what it means to play and sing the blues...
42: Johnny's Garden : Well, maybe I can pick a single piece from the Manassas double album mentioned above. Probably one of the best of the homage's to a songwriter/singer/musician's children I've ever heard. While I like Kenny Loggins song (because I like Pooh, Wol, Eyorre, Tigger, and all the other denizens of the Hundred Acer Wood), this one surpasses it in my opinion.

So that's it. It's hardly a definitive list of my favorite pieces, but it does go a long way.
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