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Because I Am A Sick and Twisted Puppy

Last line of last entry of each month:

January - Once I shuffle off this mortal coil, I'm on to the next Great Adventure, and I presume I shall be provided with the necessary equipment to participate.

February - It feels very strange to be counting beats again.

Strange how the night moves
With autumn closing in

March - Anyway, off and moving. Though as usual, I've arrived with plenty of time to wait for the flight. More later.

April - So not discombobulated. But still not bobulated, either.

May - On a personal note: found when google on name for images. http://www.grenadamarine.com/ rebuilding_continues.htm

(Well, this one came out of a totally private post which lists a bunch of URL's for my own reference)

June - If y'all think this introduction inappropriate, I shall take my bashing calmly... but in private, please.

July - So overall, I'm not sure how much access I'll have, but I will need the Box because I plan on taking lots of photographs.

August - Bones in the morning
Bellys in the afternoon
Dinner at suppertime...

September - And Herself is off and down to Deltona for the weekend, won't be there to smile at me when I get home.


October - When I do post such images, they will be behind a cut for several reasons. Bandwidth, time, and you may or may not be interested in the art. Warnings, if necessary, will also be posted. Generally, the image itself displayed here will be a link to the larger image in storage.

(OK, so that's more than one line; gedoferit!)

November - Used to drive Boyfriend crazy, how Kai and I got along.

December - Dunno. Haven't made it yet.

And in other news this morning, besides being somewhat bored I'm also procrastinating going out to feed the critters because it is raining. Not terribly hard, nor windy, nor exceptionately cold, but it is wet.


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