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From ichthyus,

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beer:
    I might like beer so much because my father once told me I wouldn't. However, that may not be it either. I prefer home brews and microbreweries to the US commercial breweries in general, though there are a few Big Names of which I'll happily partake. I didn't find any beer I didn't like in New Zealand, and brought some home with me. It truly amazed me that the Kiwi's import beer from the US. Whyfor, when their product is so much superior? Maybe for cooking beer. Yes, that's got to be it.
  2. chocolate:
    Light. Dark. Milk. Not milk. Solid. Hollow. Liquid. Solid.

    I am a devout and unrepentant Chocoholic.
  3. fencing:
    My biggest interest here actually is more related to several martial arts that come out of Japan; aikido, iaido, and to a lesser extent kendo. However, the original spark of interest came when I took a Theatre Arts and Movements class as a sophomore in college, back in the days before my stint as a Federally Subsidized Tourist.
  4. interesting people:
    I am a photographer, and one of my major pursuits in this is catching candid portraits. This is ever so much more rewarding when one hangs out with Interesting People.
  5. mischief:
  6. nursing:
    For 25 years this is my Profession, my major source of income, what I do, and a big part of Who I Am. There are other big parts as well; it's not really easy, if possible at all, to assign a "per cent" to these parts because of something I learned as a Nurse: we are taught to consider our patients "holistically", that is, everything in and of and about their lives will affect their health and wellness. And, just as 2+3 = 3+2, we can not consider our patients holistically if we don't consider ourselves in the very same manner.
  7. pirates:
  8. robert heinlein:
    Like him, Love him, or Hate him, he's one of the biggest influences on an entire genre of fiction ever to have lived.
  9. star trek:
    I believe I've seen every episode there is, of every spin-off, but one. Can you guess? Does it matter?
  10. wood working:
    My father loved wood: he carved away those parts of it which hid the story within; he treasured the way a tree's life affected the story he would find within; he fostered in both my brother and myself the same love. He was an artist. I am a wood butcher.

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