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Welcome To a Wet Saturday

I've seen a comment from one of the Flist Folk as to the temperature a couple hours (by road) south-west of us. Heh; I'll see your 58 and Lower you 8. Plus a fairly steady rain, a touch of thunder recently, and it's a very nice day to stay inside.

Which I've not totally done. Went over to the North Wing (as it were) to Studio 318 to continue working on one of the old PC's over there; the hard drive is now completely formatted (two partitions) and some more software installed. Unfortunately (or not, depends on point of view) the Norton schtuph wants to connect to the Internet or it will stop working in 15 days, despite my entering the product code. It's unfortunate because that computer is not connected to the Internet. No phone lines to Studio 318, so it's Off the 'Net. Since I'd like to keep the Norton working I guess I'll haul the durn thing over to the South Wing (as it were) and connect, but not right away.

We're off to some friends this evening for a Solstice party; only about a mile up the road, not a major haul. I'm making a traditional offering for the party, commonly called Cheesy Piggie. Those of you who've been reading a year or more will recognize the concoction, and I'm not going into details just now. Suffice it to say it's actually fairly simple to make, just involved. The recipe starts off with, "First, raise the pig. Second, slaughter the pig and make sausage." Et Cetera.

Other than that, not a lot happening. About to do some more life-straightening things and that's it.
Tags: computers, cooking, studio 318

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