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Morning After

Christmas Day passed quietly and fairly uneventfully here on KP Ranch. I did go out to listen to the animals at Midnight, but I've got to tell you, their conversations were pretty mundane. The hogs were mostly grumbling about being in the wet (with all the rain over the past week, their pens are soggy). The Border Collie Bros kept telling Coyote that this is their turf, which is pretty good for them to do. The cows were too far over in their pasture to hear. The goats were mostly going on about the weather, and that it felt like more rain. Goats hate being wet.

Oh, and it did rain, just around sunrise for a bit.

Herself received a Wacom Graphire tablet for Christmas (though I'm not sure she's seen it yet... ), and the software that came bundled with that included Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. So I'm playing around with that today a bit. Later we'll go over to Studio 318 and remove the fake beams from the ceiling of the studio room (formerly the Living Room), and I'll get started putting in the hooks which will be used to hang things from up there.

We walked through the West Paddock, where Sage teh Horse was living. Sage is still alive and well, mind, but that paddock is at the north end of a 200 foot wide north-south swath which contains the majority of little to slightly bigger sink holes we've seen on this property. I mentioned that earlier, the one which opened up in the parking lot. We wanted to reconnoiter and see what's happening. Two of the oldest ones remain mostly saucer depressions; the oldest one (i.e. it was here when we bought the place) has a collapsed gopher tortoise hole in it. We think that happened when Sage stepped on it.

The chimney that Herself's brother opened up when he was trying to put in some hog pens, and which closed up with overgrowth, re-opened. It's behind a short fence and so Sage couldn't get to it. However, there's another small one over close to where the old pole barn had been, and a lot of places we found hoof-sized punch-holes throughout the paddock.

So we cleaned up some dead branches and other residual lumber from old goat shelters in the East Paddock, re-framed one which we got started on to take care of some of that residual lumber, and them moved Sage across our private road to the East Paddock. That paddock has shown none of the activity the West Paddock has, and as mentioned all but two of the sink holes we've ever seen on this property (well, maybe four) are in a north-south swath that includes that paddock. Both of us feel much better with Sage out of there, and thus less likely to break a leg.

Particularly since we should be receiving another horse sometime today, this one a rescue from a thoroughbred farm. She'll go into the East Paddock with Sage and the goats. Now, the goats weren't too happy to get a paddock-mate, particularly since Sage proved a bit curious about them. When they ran from her, she decided that could be a great game, though she didn't push the issue hard. So things will get very interesting with two horses out there along with the goats.

Herself cooked Christmas dinner for us, which went a great length to drive the Kittens of the Apocalypse quite bonkers. They're used to seeing chickens, often called Dirty Yard Birds since we've got them in the yard. They did seem to recognize that the turkey is/was quite a bit bigger.

Stocking stuffers included a couple of netsuke (for folk who may not know, small carvings used as a belt-toggle to hold an inro; this is a Japanese thing and is rather a kind of belt-pouch) and some eyeglass cleaning cloths for both of us. Beyond that, no great news to behold here.
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