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What I Received For Christmas... Another Mouth To Feed!

I suppose you could say that. And actually, she arrived the Day After.

Apparently, her prior owner tried starting her as a three year old. Not sure if the prior owner knew her proper age, or someone led them to believe she is older, or what. We do know she sprained a foreleg, and the subsequent x-rays indicate she's just a bit over two years old. Prior Owner decided that if Prior Owner couldn't race her yet, didn't want her. Thus (with thanks to a friend of mine who also loves words, and is not on LJ), for the price of trailering she comes to live with us instead of with a rather contumelious Prior Owner.

New Fillie Inna Paddock

This is our newest addition; she's a just over two year old thoroughbred, long story, now she lives with us.
New Fillie Inna Paddock
Sage teh Horse Meets New Fillie

Or is that New Philie? Anyway, we'll come up with a name for her. What truly amazed us is the equanimity in this meeting: no ears back, no whinnying, nickering, kicking, biting. Quite a bit of nose whuffling (catching the scent of each other's breath) and some running around. The only unpleasantness came at mealtime, and we expected that, and it still wasn't much.

If you know horses, you'll understand our amazement.
Sage teh Horse Meets New Fillie

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