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Hoggetowne, Second Day

Quite the eventful day yesterday. As mentioned, Herself off early to Hoggetowne. All ranch critters fed by 10:00, and a call in for delivery of two round bales of hay. These are the big rounds you may see if you go for a drive in the country, and observe that a farmer/rancher has just cut their hayfield. They're heavy, between 3/4 and 1 ton each, depending on how fresh, how moist. I'd have gone to get one, but Herself had the pickup truck with her.

Shortly after all ranch critters fed, and right after my lunch, a phone call from Next Door Neighbor. Michael Alert, Michael BorderCollie is done disapeered from by her side. Since Mama Mudge is both smelling very interesting to her sons, and there's been some dribbling on the floor in the bathroom, good probability that She's Getting Ready to Entertain Gentlemen Callers. Which means Mike; she still sits when and of the Bros get too interested, and lets them know they Aren't The One.

Sure enough, Mike came out from behind the house. While waiting for Neighbor, discovered Solly wandering blithly through the 'front yard' over near the old hog pens. Hay not slated for delivery for another two hours yet. Moved him over back by the gate to the East Pasture, but no further.

No Fear calling in the distance keeping teh Horses interested, though not calling back to him. Oh, did I mention that? No Fear came a courting on Friday, got himself all the way into the East Paddock with teh Horses. Neighbor came over to bring him home around 18:00 Friday; he's confined until further notice i.e. when teh Horses are no longer smelling Interesting.

Hay delivery around 14:30, taken straight over to the East Pasture. Many Happy Cows, and Solly came right through the gate behind the truck delivering... as did Polka Cow. When did she cross the fence? Not sure, but she's also showing tendencies to do this. Her first instance was two and a half years ago, and she wound up with another neighbor's herd of Black Angus; hence Solly looking so much like a Black Angus. Since she's given us a second calf since then (from Neighbor's Bullregard, who is now Ground Beef), she may also be What's For Dinner soon.

However, all this wrapped up too late in the afternoon for me to opt driving across G'ville to get to the Faire. I'll do that today, since there's a supply run on the calendar as well.
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