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It Ain't Hoggetowne without Anniequen!

With the rain on Thursday, continuing on Friday, and heavy again early on Saturday morning... let's just say the atmosphere proved very medieval. We could tell who the King was because he didn't have any mud on him. Or at least, not so much.

It remained cloudy and overcast through the early afternoon, then cleared up about 14:00. With the clear sky, the temperature began to drop, even during the day. Today is going to be a chilly one. However, it will be clear, and perhaps attendance will be better.

Not that attendance was bad, per se, but the amount of mud along either side of the road discouraged people for going into a lot of the booths. I went out to help out Skippy of fatfred, and to help Herself as well (lunch breaks and such). While Skippy made sales, the overall take is down from previous Hoggetowne's. And both of us agree, it's just not the same without anniequen.

The City had crews going up and down the road, dumping mulch into some of the worst spots. And, one booth (Spotted Pony, I think) they actually cut a causeway to get into; later, they brought out a pump to start moving that water across the intersection to the lower, drainage area. However, not much, if any, of that City provided mulch made it into booths that were soggy from the rain. This made for a lot of ill will on vendor's parts.

In Herself's booth, the Past-Times Artisan's Guild, we used the two bales of hay the City provided, and several pallets we brought out from the ranch, to either soak up some of the water or provide a floor above it. Helped, but it was still squishy walking through there.

The jousting field, where the performances take place, is one of the high spots, so none of the shows were canceled. Even the horses still performed; pretty impressive, considering.

As the sun trended toward the horizon I started adding the layers I'd so cleverly brought with me, staying comfortable. It also provided me an opportunity to chuckle at the customers who'd not brought warmer clothes with them. Not loudly, mind, but still worth a chuckle.

Skippy brought Mini-Fred with her, and says she left Fred at home. Neither of us are convinced Fred didn't stow away though. That site provided a wonderful wet and squishy environment for otters, and both of us swear we heard Fred around and about. Like, on one of my trips out to Skippy's vehicle for her coat, passing a vendor who sold some ‘interesting' toys, I heard one of the booth workers saying something about manacles. The reply included "...have string for cats and duct tape for squirrels..." I looked, but didn't see Fred; sure did sound like him, though.



Feb. 7th, 2006 04:48 am (UTC)
Re: sigh...... haven't been to a fiare in two years now .......... :P
hee hee hee

It's a straight flight, if I had the time I'd drive but ick

I would have said yes, just cause it's you ! :)
Feb. 7th, 2006 05:39 am (UTC)
Re: sigh...... haven't been to a fiare in two years now .......... :P
Yah. Once upon a time I wouldn't think twice about that drive. Anymore... it's right into that twilight zone of time/distance that flying gets attractive.

And, the offer is on the table, any time you do make it up here. *G*

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