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Life Continues

We are still without power, but the phones are back on which is helpful... though somewhere past our house heading up our little old country road the buried lines are disrupted, because many of our neighbors still don't have phone service. Ruthann lucked into the proper time for delivery of an ice shipment to a local Publix, and so our foods are still protected. We're still drinking/cooking/washing with bottled water; I'm going to be looking for ways to haul water to the cows and goats soon. Joy.

While we haven't heard any comments about our particular energy supplier, Central Florida Electric Co-operative, we've heard a lot about a couple of other providers. I'm no longer talking about the people who call up the local radio stations that are still serving as information clearing houses instead of broadcasting their usual programming of music. A couple of them in particular are significantly less than popular right now, and this is from first-hand reports provided by friends of ours who have had direct interaction with the work crews out.

What we have heard from CFEC is that they are out and working. CFEC covers two-three rural counties, all along the GUlf coastline (Levy County, our Choice of Residence, is a coastal county though we live well inland). We sat under the north half of Frances until she finished strolling across the peninsula. She spanned from the north border of Florida down to Miami, so while the eye sat on land, the extent of that system could still suck water and energy from both the Gulf and the Atlantic. Then when it did get out onto the Gulf, with lucky selves still under the north-east quadrant of the system, it turned north and we stayed under the eastern half until it really started breaking up over Georgia.

We are watching That Other Storm with some particular interest.

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