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Meanderings of a Warped Mind

Most people think of Baja Jorja as being flat, and there is a good reason for that. It also doesn not prove to be the case, though I won't claim mountains. Even as far south as the I-4 Corridor (between Tampa and Daytona, a diagonal line running roughly south-west to north-east) the Karst Formation which defines the penninsula geologically provides some ups and downs. One needs to be more central on the penninsula, or into the Panhandle, to find anything rather steep in incline, but it is not flat.

There are times, though, that light and weather combine to offer illusions. Most often in the twilight of either dawn or dusk, and usually involving clouds. There are some spectacular skys to be seen here, and not only by the coastlines. Yesterday provided such; with a weather front moving across the land and a lot of rain. In the evening twilight when I headed out bringing the Border Collie Bros dinner, there appeared a mountainous ridgeline off to the north. Something believable, too, not something out of the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada. More like the Blue Ridge brought a bit further south.

We were just back from a provisions run into Ocala, spending a moderate sum but also picking up a goodly quantity of our staples. And also getting just a tad wet, driving through a bit of that mentioned rain. Teh Horses received hay for an evening meal, not wanting to provide them with mush which the sky would make by adding rainwater to their feed buckets even as they ate. The Bros are a bit more sheltered than Teh Horses, so they got the usual kibble.

Today I'd planned on wandering down to Tampa to go to a Japanese Sword Show. That is, until my travelling companions and I discovered the admission price. I could still have gone, it's not terribly steep but is a tad high, particularly since all of the demonstrations or classes were offered yesterday and today would be just looking at swords. However, counting in the gasoline for the round trip and the time I'd actually be able to look at swords, without travelling companions it's not worth it to me. And the admission price is dear enough to knock out their interest.

So instead, I'll spend some time with the Bros, and with Teh Horses, and working on some of the physical plant issues with Studio 318. Once that's done, I'll see about sorting through some of the photos I've made of that structure, since I'm working on a photo essay that documents the process of conversion from dwelling to studio. In between moments, I'm probably going to work on e-mailing some recent contacts who are interested in doing some photography work. There's headshots and portraits in the future, as well as potentially some opportunity to experiment some more with a technique called "painting with light."

But the studio needs to be cleared a bit first. Which will involve a run into town to pick up a couple of sawhorses. As a temporary tool, sawhorses make an acceptible saddle-stand, and there's these saddles stacked up on some of my studio props...

Though Herself has sold two of them via e-Bay. Just waiting on the payment to ship them off. One of them is going to Canada, so I guess that makes her an International Seller.
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