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Gorram Bastitchs Tagged Me

Just back from lunch. Tagged by fatfred. This meme is based on a conversation S. had with a good friend last night. Their joking premise: everyone can be bought off.

In the event I need to bribe people, this could be very useful information. Therefore, I am listing the five most effective things to bribe me with. If you get tagged, your mission is to do the same, then tag 5 more people.

1. Sushi
2. Credit for: books. Most about anywhere.
3. Beer. Good beer. Good defined by me, not you.
4. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Or most anything with Chocolate.
5. Free time with a model in photostudio. Not plastic, must be flesh & blood. Preferably only flesh and blood.

OK, let's see who's paying attention here. Hey thatwordgrrl, joedecker, miz_hatbox, paintyoursky, and tassie_gal, You're It!
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