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There and Back Again

Made quite good time on the road, in both directions. It probably helped that my driving time took place during the big race in Daytona, rather than just before or just after. So most of those idiots race car fan/driver wannabes were at the race. We did see that the Bear spent the night out in force. Not the Florida Black Bear, either, the one with the flashy blue lights. Two people pulled over along SR 40 in the Ocala National Forest, both of whom had roared past us (I was hitting 60 MPH, the posted limit, in big part because of the load in the Nissan Pickup Known as Forrest). It was after dark, and while motorcycle officers hadn't pulled the people over... they'd probably passed the motorcycle officers. There were at least two of those, working both directions then rotating back the other way again.

The estate sale went well enough; four figures before the decimal both days, a lot of the little things sold, some of the furniture. There's still some coffee tables and end tables to go; if two of those don't sell, I'll happily take them to the Studio, as they're quite solidly well made, and large enough to serve as posing platforms.

Solly t Bull stayed home while we were gone; we know this because we enlisted a Good Neighbor to check on him. Good Neighbor allowed her old bull (Herself called him Bullregard) to stay with us for a bit; we have two calves sired by him. This week, Solly returns the favor with Good Neighbor's cows. We almost got him moved over during the weekend, but he wasn't too sure about going through the one particular gate.
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