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What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: cooking As in, I don't very often. My sense of smell is so limited after injuries and pollen allergies that I miss out a lot of the subtleties involved in cooking. Do I know how? Yes, I survived a long time as a bachelor. Do I enjoy it? No. But I do enjoy eating. *G*
Literary: pretensions Indulging myself that I am any quality of prose or poetry composer. Once upon a time I really, really wanted to be a writer. Once upon another time, a teacher told me they didn't see that spark in my writing that they saw in my photography. That pissed me off, and I worked really hard learning how to write. Did I get better? Yeah. And I'm also, often, now thinking that teacher was right.
Audiovisual: power-point That I gave in to the Dark Side and stopped using other vendors' versions of presentation software at all, and started using Microshaft's version. I grudgingly admit it's one of two Microshaft products I will recommend.
Musical: guitar Why? Because I've not picked one up in nearly 10 years. Well, maybe sooner, but that's my memory about it.
Celebrity: Martin Caidin I knew the creator of "The Six Million Dollar Man." Oh, not well in one way, certainly not long. Like a couple of other yardsticks I use, though, Marty knew all about his celebrity and used it when it suited him, then tossed it out the window the rest of the time. He described himself as a word mechanic rather than a writer, because putting words on paper was the easiest means he'd found to obtain money for his passion: flying.

Now I tag:-

alienorade carlyinrome chaosloki jeliza and songius

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

But WTF, it's fun, and I'm enjoying seeing who's awake and paying attention out there.
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