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I'm Getting Better

But still not over the bug. On the other hand, nearly 24 without a fever so far. Called in again for today, a couple of things I'll try to help with on the ranch. May go in to Hospital for the afternoon, depending. Do have at least one errand to run in town, though it could wait until tomorrow as well.

Cold front passing through again, not so low as previous ones but because of how I feel, noticable. Quite the rain on Saturday night/Sunday morning; Saturday evening was my worst with the bug, and the fever broke a bit after the rain started. Woke up to a bit of Sky Grumblers and Mamma Mudge's nosing me from the side of the bed. She'd stretched a bit to reach me without breaking the rule not to get on the bed. Gave her some reassurance, as well as Houdini, then went back to sleep.

Herself arrived home from the last of the garage/estate sales about 19:30 yesterday. Anything left is going either to charity or sale on eBay. If the latter, it will be through either her, or one of her sister's eBay ID's.
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