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Weekend... Ya

Installation of TurboTax took 1 hour 30 minutes. Most of which was the search for, downloading, and intallation of the "updates" since the CD was made and shipped. And that on a high-speed Internet connection. Oh, I just lerves me some software bloat, I does. Software bloat: the Microshaft Virus.

Herself is off to a local SCA horse-related event. Those as attend, with horses, will be qualifying to partake in medieval re-creation equestrian events at the upcoming Gulf Wars. Possibly I will be driving over and photographing some things, as a day trip. Then again, possibly not. I've the Ranch Critters watch, and there are things I really, really want to see done around the house. They are hiking up on my annoyance value list as something which, when done, will help make life more pleasant.

We'll see. One reason for going to the event is could I partake of Roast Hogge, one of the two which we ... hmm, didn't mention that here. OK, brief aside, for those of my LJ readers/friends who may be vegetarian/vegan or simply feel strongly about animal rights. I am a rancher. We raise livestock, and I've been known to say these animals are not pets, they are shares in the "live stock" market. I, too, believe in animal rights; my animals have a right to a healthy environment, to be protected from predators (wild and domestic), to not be abused. We raise our animals essentially "organically", meaning we know what they are being fed, there are no pharmaceutical supplements in the feed (steroids or antibiotics), there are no animal by-products in the feed, and much of what they eat is natural range which grows on our ranch. They do receive pharmaceutical supplements if and when they need them because of their health, and only so long as they need them for that reason.

And as I said, they are not pets. I believe in taking care of them well, because, well, "Gglückliche Schweine sind geschmackvolle Schweine." And on Monday two of them became "geschmackvolle Schweine." Past this date, if there's any discussion about such more... earthy ... aspects of our owning the Ranch, I will put up a notice and a cut. If this aspect of my life is distasteful to you, I understand and accept that.

It will not change the fact, though, that one of the reasons for me going to this event will be to partake of some "geschmackvolle Schweine" prepared by a cook who prides herself on her ability to do true medieval period recipes and have them be very tasty. In this case, very tasty pig. Meanwhile, it's time to go take care of those critters.


Mar. 4th, 2006 07:16 am (UTC)
You know, really I'm a card carrying member of save the cute things.

I eat meat, only when body calls for it, otherwise I'm strongly tofu-centric. Pat and I discuss this quite frequently actually due to my love of the critters big and little.

Especially as a former Anthropology major I understand how eating meat has shaped us as a species, and I understand how it helps our body function due to this adaptation. However it is something I have never been comfortable with.

Most of my meat aversion has been caused mostly by the inhumane ways the animals are "cared" for. Factory farming and additives will be the end of us I'm convinced.

So bravo for the care you give your critters. Happy animals make happy food. I just know I couldn't do what you do, as Pat says I'm too squeamish.
Mar. 5th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
Again, this is a position I understand. Choosing not to eat meat is a philosophical position. Simply (as also mentioned later in this thread), I don't impose my views on others, don't be imposing on me. Omnivorism is a genetic survival trait. On the other hand, we as a species have also achieved a level of civilisation that provides options as desired. Choice is good.

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