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Weekend So Far

I'm happy to say the experiment in recording Sky TV worked; nine hours of Firefly to watch and I've now seen the beginnings of the series. Not much more than that, because there's other things to do than sit about watching Tube.

We sold three goats this week, to a family that wanted them for freezer and a family barbaque. They were supposed to pick them up on Saturday morning early. Since these goats are for meat, and they didn't want to do the slaughter themselves, that is part of the negotiated price. They did have someone to do the dressing-out. However, that cousin was called in to work on Saturday, so they called the house to tell us this... after we'd headed out to start livestock rounds.

Herself did go back to the house when they'd not shown up by about an hour after they'd said they would. Me, I just figured they were working on Southern Local Time. At any rate, with receipt of the message, plans changed. This was, however, too late for one of the three goats sold. So to preserve their purchase, we took care of the dressing-out and delivered the carcass to Newberry Cold Storage so they could set up their cutting instructions.

Somebody in the family called again when we got done with that, and Herself told them where the carcass was going and why. Initial response was along the lines of "good, because we are planning on this). However, later in the day the lady of the house in question called back and asked if the carcass could be kept on the ranch. Well, no, because we don't have the cold-storage available for that and because Newberry Cold Storage closes at noon on Saturday. But (comes the response) Newberry is so expensive, that's why my cousin is going to do this.

Well WTF, eh? Then make your plans for a weekend when your cousin won't have other obligations, or be here to pick up your own carcass' and store them yourselves. This was made clear on the day you selected them and paid for them, eh? And the dressing-out isn't costing you extra for this one, because of the change of plans. And Newberry expensive? Huh? We just paid for 200 some pounds of beef butchering at the same place. Cost to us (for the service)? $19.75 And your other two goats are still stored "on the hoof" which could make life interesting if you come by next Saturday to pick up, because Moi won't be here, Moi will be Out Of State.

Dinner with friends S&K over their place (all of a mile up the road) and another friend. Much good conversation, and some great food. Today is a more laid-back day. Still a lot to do, but most of it routine.
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