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Well, arrived alive in DC, though I can't exactly say uneventfully. Turns out one of Fat Fred's minions, Mini-Fred, stowed away in my camera bag. I probably wouldn't have noticed except he stuck his head out in Atlanta, and someone noticed him and commented to me. Well, this Congress is going to be more interesting than I thought...

DC hasn't changed much, at least as seen from a cab riding from the airport. Construction going on some places, traffic, big monumental buildings housing government offices. Yep, it's DC. Well, things will get the unofficial kick-off this evening, when I meet with the rest of the Nominating Committee members for dinner and a practice session.

As I suspected, much of the blue funk of the previous week cleared off as soon as I was moving, and on the road again. I've got my reasons for feeling the anticipatories this year, but now that it's happening it's no longer anticipatory.
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