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After Breakfast

Having had breakfast, I'm doing some final filing work, getting ready to actually start work. In between a half hour and an hour, I'm over to the Convention Center to take care of registration and these other things. Then I'll have a gap until around 15:00 to just schmooze, some more work between 15:00 and 16:00, then it's more or less relax. One of the biggest decisions for the day is, do I register for the Awards Banquet.

How do you pay volunteers? After all, by definition volunteers are doing what they do without monetary compensation. (I'm not getting into the volunteer military as a comparison here; this definition is restricted to things we do in our lives other than work, such as professional associations, recreational groups, community groups, and the like.) One of the ways is what I call the "Attaboy." A public recognition that you done good. Usually called an award, and AORN also supports this concept. Saturday before opening session, several of these are presented at a dinner banquet. I served on the committee that does this work once, and ever since then I've gone to this event.

Amongst other things, it's a meal, which I'd need to buy anyway. This way, there's company.
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