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Mini-Fred & Washington

Well, the first day of my nursing meeting is done; it's always a bit of a marathon for me, a long day. This year, since I'm "working", no excecption. See, there's the stuff to do at the convention center (big parade and hoopala opening session, followed by business for me, the a bit of a CE session), and then there's the stuff my state level group does on Sunday evening (another meeting, but with dinner). So I start early, and end late. I'm always tired when I get back "to the house."

And Mini-Fred is still bouncing around the room. I dunno if he'll get his photos posted, but he's been raising cain all day long. This is why I try to be careful picking room-mates for this meeting. The Sittle Lhit is prattling on about pixie stix, nose jobs, and nurses...

I'm gonna kill him if he doesn't settle down soon.

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