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Big Party Night

Tuesday at AORN Congress is known as Nurse-Exhibitor Day. First of all, it's the opening day for the big trade show. And I do mean big. Second of all, one of our primary education sessions is on Tuesday, called the Jerry G. Peers Speakership. It's named for the founder of AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses). The Industry Advisory Committee sponsors this session, and it always features some particularly fascinating speakers. Colin Powell was a Peers speaker, for example. This year it featured Richard Carmona, RN, MD, MPH, Surgeon General of the United States.

I'd go into more detail, truly I would, becuase this was a fabulous session. However, the Big Party is tonight, Nurse-Exhibitor's Night. We are to be entertained by Capitol Steps and Gary US Bonds. It's out the door I go.

Oh, and mini_fred is up to something. I haven't seen him for a bit, but he knows all about this party tonight. He did help us out at one of my places. I'm a member of what's called eChapter, one of the organizational units of AORN. We meet on-line, our members are international. We've got a fundraising booth here, and mini_fred helped out for a while collecting gift telephone cards to send overseas to our military personnel.
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