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It's been a long week packed into a short time. Or, you could call it AORN Congress. I'm at the point of needing to look at the PDA or a newspaper to remember the date. I trust the PDA a bit more, because the paper could be laying there a while.

Tomorrow will be another long day. I must be on site by 06:30 to get ready for the election voting. Tomorrow is also the culmination of my term in office on the Nominating Committee. This is what I was saying I'm looking forward to last week about this time. Tomorrow by this time I'll be done. It's been a good year overall, at least as far as this is concerned. Busy, sometimes aggravating, often demanding, and satisfying. I've had a part in shaping the next few years of my professional association.

My thank-you presents are almost ready. I've a bit of writing to do, and then pack them up in a carry bag to take over.

In the afternoon will be the final House of Delegates. One of the last bits of business will be the Teller's Report, my last official duty for the 2005 - 2006 AORN Nominating Committee.

Then tomorrow evening it's off to the Closing Festivities. Last party of the week.

Then, I go play.
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