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Relatively Quick Note

Went on a brief walk about with mini_fred on Friday after packing checking out and checking the bags with the bell captain, as we also needed to wait for canuckdesz to finish up with work for the day. Mini-Fred tells that story better than I can, so go visit his blog. Met up later with both canuckdesz and capntypo, we had pizza for dinner and then went over to see the WW 2 Memorial after dark. Again, Mini-Fred tells you about that.

Then we headed out of town and crashed at canuckdesz's place. Saturday after a bit of a liesurely wake-up canuckdesz and I set off with Mini-Fred to the Washington Zoo and some fun adventures. We saw long-legged wolves, lions, pandas, elephants, tigers, beavers, and yes, otters. The less I say about that last, the better. When we finished up there at lunch time we stopped for burritos at Chipotle's oooo yum. Then onto the Metro for Arlington National Cememtary.

Went past the Tomb of the Unknown, arriving just in time for the 15:00 Changing of the Guard, and not one but two wreath-laying ceremonies. Wandered over to pay our respects to John F. Kennedy, then over to see the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, just outside Arlington to the west. That site is under some big renovation work, closed off by the traditional high chain-link fencing. So I'll need to come back and visit it again on another occasion.

From there we headed back to the house, started to upload photos from the day, and got a phone call from marjai. She, madpuppy, and Bean were inbound and suggested we meet someplace for dinner, so we wouldn't need to leave the house again after everyone arrived. Thinking that an excellent suggestion, I wrapped up the upload, and we headed out to Chili's where we also met up with capntypo.

Good visit, great time.

Today we collaborated on some artwork. I'm not quite ready to upload copies, but they are coming soon. Suffice it to say, canuckdesz contributed painting, marjai contributed canvas and modelling, and I contributed photography. We're all pretty happy with the results just now. They've headed back home, and we're about to set up for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow I will either spend a rest day, getting ahead on some of the photography from the weekend and packing up for the trip home, or I will try to head into town to do a bit more photography. We'll see.
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