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A Few Glimpses of Washington, DC

This is the start of my postings, consisting of recent work done on my trip to Washington DC.

Washington Monument at Night Washington Monument at Night

Lit by the National Park Service, the Washington Monument stands out at night just as well as by day. This is some work from Friday evening, March 24, using a tripod (of course) and my D70s.
Entry to WW 2 Memorial, Night Entry to WW 2 Memorial, Night

While very impressive during daylight hours, there is something eerie about this memorial after dark.
World War 2 Memorial, Pacific Theatre Gazebo World War 2 Memorial, Pacific Theatre Gazebo

This is one of two "gazebo's" at the WW 2 memorial, each located at the North and South end of the memorial. The south gazebo is dedicated to the Pacific theatre of operations. The north gazebo is dedicated to the European and North African theatres of operations. Each of the pillars surrounding the circuference of the memorial represents a U.S. State or U.S. Possession involved in the war. It is a very powerful memorial, and as canuckdesz pointed out, it is also very American. I appreciate the fact that it commemorates the efforts of so many Americans, including my parents, who gave so much during this war. I think it would be nice if there were a bit of acknowledgement that many, many others from many other countries also gave their all. But then, I'm rather a history geek.
View of Washington from the Arlington National Cemetary View of Washington from the Arlington National Cemetary

May they rest in peace.

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