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Relaxed, but still got done those things needing to be done. We've got a bit more temporary (electric) fence in place, as Herself is expecting two large arrivals; horses on the Rescue network. I am unclear if we are getting them, or boarding them. We'll see.

Spring cleaning started. This year's spring cleaning is truly a huge one, as we've got some major work outside. We're looking to a renovation to the house, screened side and back porches, and a covered arbor front porch. This means we need to move several things that are outside the house including a refrigerator, a freezer, a ramp and a temporary deck.

I think I've overwhelmed Adobe Photoshop Elements, the Organizer. I've been expecting this, since a significant part of that is based on an Access database. It may be that my old laptop doesn't have enough memory to open it currently; if so, that's it. There's no more upgrading RAM on the Calf. I'm not fretting the loss, it is all experimental at this point and I can re-create everything done so far, particularly since it wasn't terribly extensive.

Time to go to work.
Tags: photography, ranch, work

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