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It is Thursday

I am out of here.

At least, for today.



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Apr. 6th, 2006 07:56 pm (UTC)
I dreamed about you today. Probably because I was very sick and miserable and wanted someone to be nice to me and no one was home. I dreamed that you showed up and were really comforting, which made me feel better even though I knew I was dreaming. We had a nice discussion of life goals, mostly yours. Then somehow we were at a party or family dinner sort of thing and you were talking about moving but I realized that you were invisible to anyone but IHG and I because you were part here and part in Florida. I made IHG write out something medical that you dictated to prove to others that you were at least partially there (you were sort of transparent, even to us, since most of you was awake in Florida and only a small portion of you was generously with me in my dream life).

Does that amuse you at all? It amused me.

Maybe some little part of your ephemeral self really WAS here having a conversation here in Seattle and not being disgruntled at work.
Apr. 7th, 2006 04:21 am (UTC)
What a cool dream! And I've got no doubt that I'm like, halfway or whatever between here and there. Already starting the plans for the October wandermonth. It's also nice to know that even in dreams, the Nurse comes through. :-)
Apr. 7th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
Well, sometimes I do give people "roles" in my dream life that are very different from their real selves as I know them, but this was a pretty good re-creation of the you that I know. Which was why it felt so much like a visit.

With all that's been on your mind, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you were halfway in Florida and halfway someplace else, although not necessarily Washington. :-)
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