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Curiouser and Curiouser, Said Alice

Yesterday, I tried to post some more photos from the recent journey to Washington DC (or, as mini_fred calls it, "Washing Tons."), with an interesting result. Normally, posting photos is fairly easy; I upload them to the "Scrapbook" area, into the appropriate gallery, and do all of whatever editing of Tags, Titles, Descriptions, and Security. Then, viewing all the thumbnails for the gallery, selecet the specific photos and select "Post to Journal."

C'est viola, LJ (in the guise of "Scrapbook") generates the HTML code and plops it into the appropriate editor window. I will then frequently add an LJ-Cut tag, simply because on dial-up connections it is polite to let someone know if there's image-intensity or not. And, occasionally (usually filtered to a group of my LJ friends called "Da Artsy Farts"), there are photographs which need to be labeled "NWS" for, of course, Not Work Safe.

Generally I get the LJ plain text editor when I do this, just as today I am in that window while writing this. No worries, easy enough to add the appropriate LJ HTML tags, and away we go. Posted Photographs. One of the reasons for using this system is it's quite easy to obtain the URL link to the photographs themselves, which is of course critical to posting photos on the web.


It worked, sort of. I mean, the feature generated the appropriate code, placing the photograph links into tables with the description text in appropriate places, and dropping it into the LJ editor window. However. The editor window that came up was the Rich-Text window, not the Plain Text window. And, the LJ-Cut tag feature within the rich text window just plain didn't work. Nor could I save the edit in "Source" with the cut tags adjusted appropriately. Every time I saved it, the entry reverted to the original code generated by the system.

It's currently there, but marked as "Private" and I've put in a trouble report about the problem. I may or may not try posting things right up from scratch later today. I'd like to hear back from the LJ Gurus as to what might be causing the problem before I fuss with it much more. I do want to get more photos posted up, for sure. These are all from the Saturday-Sunday post AORN Congress, from the day-trip to DC and Arlington and some of the collaboritive work between canuckdesz, marjai, and myself on Sunday.

Oh, and that filter, "Da Artsy Farts"... if you think you'd like to be on it, and aren't sure if you are, drop me a line and I'll add you. Be forwarned, though, it does and will include work considered NWS. While I accept and respect your sensibilities, I am not responsible for them.
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