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Monday, March 27, 2006 in Washington DC

I suppose this could be considered a photo-essay albeit incomplete; there's a lot more photos I'm sorting through from this day.

Monday, 3/27 Mini-Fred and I got up early to catch a ride to the Metro station courtesy of canuckdesz on her way to work (only a wee bit out of her way to do this, and Thank You!). We wandered about the Mall, going to specific memorials which either I enjoy or to which I feel an obligation to go. Not all of them are photographed, for various reasons.

The Korean War Memorial, for example, proved particularly crowded at the time I went past there. And while I've photographed the Vietnam War memorial before, and will again, this particular time it just didn't feel... time. Not right. Though I always try to find a nice photo of the Ladies, and did find one this time, as you'll see.

Photos not posted yet for you to look forward to:

George Mason Memorial
Washington DC Memorial to the Great War
World War II Memorial
Morning and Afternoon work at the FDR Memorial.

And yes, mini_fred, I'll help you get your photos posted too. Just not now. As always, click on an image to see a larger version.

Selected Quote Selected Quote
Selected quote on the North-west wall of the Jefferson Memorial, because of what it says to me about one of our Founding Father's thoughts regarding separation of church and state. This and subsequent photographs made with a Nikon D70s, 18-70 AF-S lense.
Mr. Jefferson, I Presume Mr. Jefferson, I Presume
Statue of Thomas Jefferson. The Jefferson Memorial is one of my favorites, and it's on my list of places I want to re-visit and photograph again, and again. Portions of it were being renovated/maintenance work under way on this trip, which restricted my angles a wee bit.
Mr. Jefferson's Work Mr. Jefferson's Work
Statue of Thomas Jefferson with the quote from the Declaration of Independance, on the South-west Wall. If I recall correctly, Mini-Fred is sitting on that bench, just out of sight.
South Facade, Jefferson Memorial #2 South Facade, Jefferson Memorial #2
As singingnettle mentioned elsewhere, a study in geometric shapes.
Sakura, Washington DC Sakura, Washington DC
The Cherry Blossom Festival this year was held on the weekend just before this photo; this is from Monday 3/27. However, because of cold weather (snow & snow flurries) the week previous the cherry trees did not co-operate with the DC planning groups. On Monday, they were beginning to bloom, some further ahead of others. I figure that Wednesday probably saw the full bloom.
Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial
Pin-hole photograph using Nikon D70s, 18-70 AF-S. Pin-hole cameras are some of the oldest know cameras. The image is "in focus" due to the great depth-of-field provided by the extremely small aperture of the pin-hole.
Detail, Women's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Detail, Women's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
Most of this memorial is progressing to the classic bronze patina... except for the Standing Nurse's hand, which is touched and carressed on a regular basis by passers-by. I felt truly amazed on this visit; it's the first time I've been here that there were no flowers set out for any of the ladies.
Waterfall, First Term Room, FDR Memorial Waterfall, First Term Room, FDR Memorial
Longer exposure, approximately 1/25 second. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial is another of my favorites; there's a great deal of texture and a lot of use of water in this memorial, located just west of Jefferson's on the edge of the Tidal Pool. It's designed in four "rooms" each dedicated to one of Roosevelt's four terms in office.
In the Bread Line In the Bread Line
Mini-Fred talked me into this one. This is in the Great Depression room. One of the five men depicted in this sculpture is a self-portrait of the sculptor. It seemed appropriate to do another self-portrait.
Waterfall, Exit of FDR Memorial Waterfall, Exit of FDR Memorial
Longer exposure, approximately 1/5 second. This is the last area of the Memorial; it follows the section dedicated to Roosevelt's state funeral. Things are still somewhat chaotic, but less so than the room dedicated to his term covering the start of the Second World War.
Washington Monument Washington Monument
This may be one of the few photos of the Washington Monument where Mini-Fred didn't get in the way. He just does not get what this monument is all about. It is a bloody hard thing to photograph effectively.

And shortly after that, Mini-Fred and I got back on the Metro and rode out to Fairfax, dinner with friends, and packing for the trip home the next day.
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