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So, A Week Ago

Remember (if it's that important to you, which I doubt) about a week ago when I nattered on about posting some images from Live Journal's Scrapbook photo storage area, and having problems with the LJ Cut feature not working, and all of this because the photo posting plopped me into the Rich Text Editor for LJ? You don't? Well, don't loose any sleep over that.

It took a week, and one return mail (which may well have been auto-generated) telling me that this problem is fixed, just clear my cache because it's probably an earlier version of the page loading. Well, I replied to that to let them know I didn't think so for two reasons. 1: I'd already cleared my cache and forced a refresh of the page, first thing I thought about; and 2: the problem replicated on more than one computer.

Heard from LJ Support yesterday. It seems that LJ is experimenting with making the Rich Text Editor the default, and that experimentation just now is linked to doing photo posts from Scrapbook. You may, of course, select the "Source" view and be placed in the Plain Text Editor. We will, of course, be able to set our own default choices and stick with the plain text editor if we want to. Me? When it comes to posting photos, and wanting them behind an LJ cut for bandwidth courtesy, I'm not so sure I want the Rich Text Editor.

Now, could just be the working out the bugs phase, but one of the reasons I mention that is, I tried kicking over into the plain text editor, and I couldn't edit the source code and have it be saved... posting photos from the Scrapbook, which is LJ generated code. My work-around for the problem included cutting and pasting the souce code into a Notepad window, backing out of the update journal window on LJ, and then resuming the Update, and cutting and pasting the code back from the Notepad.

And also, Now, this could be related to the fact that I'm using Micro Shaft Hexplorer. Thought I had copies of both Mozilla and Firefox somewhere...

In other news, we've a touch more touch-up straightening to do to the house this morning, and our Guests from the Other Side of the Pond arrive today. Looking forward to that.

Also in other news, I've seen where a few people I read regularly posted photos this weekend. That bandwidth thing I mentioned above? Thank you to those folk for also using LJ Cut in their photo posts, and I'll be looking at those photos on Monday when I'm back at work. It's the gloriously fast 26.4 dial-up connection for me today.
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