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What a Wonderful Day

Up early today, somewhat in anticipation. Then again I'd gone to bed early yesterday after a bit of work on the Ranch and being tired, so that may be part of it. At any rate, a light fog this morning, would of been quite nice for photography excepting there waited a wee bit more house straightening to finish before our guests from Birmingham arrived. Quite nearly succeeded in that. Was just finishing wiping down the sink in lavatory when I heard a cheerful "Hello" from just outside the door. Of the house, that is. Lavatory is just inside the side door of the house.

A great visit, promoting international relations. Showed our guests about the Ranch, or at least the "home compound" portion; this did actually take us up to feed teh Horses, and the goats, and the remaining hogs. Young Guest happily carried a bucket of corn to each of the hog pens (two buckets each), though the buckets weren't brim full. I'm not that rude. She walked with me while we fed the goats, and much enjoyed Sage gently taking s small carrot from her hand.

They met the Bros and Mamma Mudge, and met our next door neighbors who stopped by to drop off an Easter basket. Houdini made quite a hit, silly boy. Nearly as much of an impression as the roosters. Well, probably moreso, but the roosters and hens were popular as well. We adjourned to the sitting room and chatted a bit, then enjoyed a light lunch of Blasphemous Dip. Early afternoon chatting some more, and Pappa Guest and I talking about wood working; he's a wood turner, something which hadn't come up in previous conversations or correspondence. Hmm, I shall need to see if I can season some grape vine, as he says it is turn-able.

And one of the guitars was out, so came the inevitable inquiry as to who plays. Young Guest is also studying music, and is quite accomplished on recorder flute; she says she can produce a melody on a clarinet as well, but she's primarily been playing trumpet for a bit. Afternoon Papa Guest and Young Guest and I (accompanied by Houdini) walked about on the back side of the Ranch, looking at gopher tortoise holes occupied and abandoned, and checking out the indiginous trees. We've got some holly along with our laurel and live oak population, probably a few other species in there under the shade which I don't remember. Papa Guest wanted to know if our tree coverage is fairly representative of this part of Baja Jorja before the advent of human occupation and I replied pretty much; depending on soil conditions. Laurel and live oak wnat a bit more water but not wet wet ground; places where there's more sand and significantly more rapid drainage than our spot they've got jack oak, small scrawny trees. Palmetto can grow amongst jack oak, as they don't block the sunlight so much as laurel and live oak do.

While we did our walk about, Mama Guest and Herself looked at the plans for our porch additions due to start soon (unless there's some delay with either zoning or funding. Funding is related on Mother Mary's final estate settlement, due soon). They enjoyed a good visit discussing the plans and appearances to be, and comparing that to some relatively recent work done on their house in Birmingham due to a slow roof leak, location determined by the simple expedient of Papa Guest crashing through the roof whilest looking for the leak. Fortunately no personal damage, just property damage.

Back from walk about in time for the roast beast to be done; we'd planned a "typical" American dinner of roast beef and baked potatoes with salad. Considering that roast beast is pretty much a meal throughout Europe, even baked potatoes (though introduced to Europe from the New World), and that the Germans enjoy sour cream on potatoes, I'm not sure exacty why this qualifies as a typical American dinner, but it does.

Our guests departed shortly after dinner, right about 18:30 - 18:45 which should get them back to their home away from home near Mouseworld shortly after full sunset; they'll be on relatively familiar roads before full dark as it's still light out and by now they should be quite close to their destination.

Kitchen cleanup is first stage done (i.e. the first round of dishes are in the dishwasher and running; second load waits until first is done, of course). I'm here rather than watching the Tube. Time to go read some other things.
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