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Journal of Irreproducable Results

As it's probably run it's course, I will now reply to some comments and make some of my own regarding the poll I published Friday Past. First of all, no, it wasn't a slow day. Quite the opposite in fact, and including several elements of muckfuppetry, leading to a level of frustration I opted to deal with via a somewhat non-sensical poll. Simply because I could. Second of all, no, it doesn't surprise me that Mr. Diamond's music is recognizable. Consider if you will the widespread presence of his melodies, at the least, we may hear in Elevator Muzak.

Somehow, Mr. Neil Diamond's tune "I Am, I Said" got plopped into my head during the day, and the lyrics ran through their infinite repeat cycle shortly before I left for home, trying to wrap up some things needing done. On top of that, there'd been a phone call from Herself which indicated I really should get home as soon as possible because she needed some help getting ready for our guests on Sunday. Rather more than intially assessed, as well, because it turned out she worked in a frenzy under the impression our guests were due to arrive on Saturday. Anyway.

So I chopped up the lyrics from the chorus, and plopped them into a poll with some (I hoped) whimsical and nonsensical question/responses to go with the repsective chop. If we presume that the target population for the poll consists of the 38 "mutual friends" (i.e. readers) listed on the Information page, the 11 respondants constiture a 29% return rate, which is rather phenomenal on polls. If we eliminate the bordercolliebrs this brings the respondants to 10, a 26% response rate, still quite impressive.

So. Further discussion on the results follows. If you're still reading, what does that say about how busy your day is?

"I Am," I said / To no one there

Talking to yourself again, eh?: 0 (0.0%)
I believe talking to oneself with consenting adults is perfectly acceptible.: 8 (72.7%)
It ain't the talking, it's the answering yourself that's a problem.: 3 (27.3%)

Which seems to indicate that a sizable majority of my readers probably talk to themselves.

And no one heard at all / Not even the chair

Since when to inanimate objects possess the sense of hearing?: 4 (36.4%)
If a chair fell in the woods, and there was no one there to hear it...: 5 (45.5%)
But they were breathing hard?: 2 (18.2%)

Pretty evenly divided here between concrete thinkers and philosophers, with a significant minority possessing a noticibly voyueristic/kinky tendency.

"I am," I cried

Hush, little baby, or it's mockingbirds!: 1 (9.1%)
It's river time!: 4 (36.4%)
Tintinabulation of the bells bells bells: 6 (54.5%)

One lone respondant with some knowledge of traditional music (surprising, since I'm of the impression that there are probably a large number of my readers familiar with James Tailor...), thank you very much for recognizing the literary reference. Otherwise, again fairly evenly divided but with a majority revealing at least a passing familiarity with Edgar Allen Poe.

"I am," I said

Therefor, you think.: 4 (36.4%)
We're getting repetitious now, aren't we?: 5 (45.5%)
If I had ever been here before on another time on the wheel: 2 (18.2%)

Again, a fairly even division between philosophers and concrete thinkers, and a minority that are quite obviously listening to the beat of their own drummer...

And I am lost, and I can't even say why

Don't follow me, I'm lost too.: 1 (9.1%)
That's because the directions on Mapquest were not accurate: 7 (63.6%)
Y? Because we like you.: 3 (27.3%)

This one seems to provide some solid evidence that A: many of my readers utilize or have utilized the Mapquest service, and that they are not totally satisfied with the quality of the outcomes. There is somewhat less solid evidence that there are members or former members of teh Mouseketeers amongst my readers.

Radio Buttons

Are teh Rad, man.: 0 (0.0%)
Provide definitive answers to any question.: 2 (18.2%)
Where's the bloody ticky box, eh?: 9 (81.8%)

Here we see quite clearly that the quantitative, concrete thinkers are vastly outnumbered by those who possess a passion for the ticky box.

Thank you for indulging my insanity. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.
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