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So yesterday I got to play while at work. In one sense, it's hard to explain. In another sense, it's quite simple and easily stated: I really, really enjoy scrubbing a case. Even with a surgeon I don't know well, and yesterday was with a surgeon I do know well, and know how to work with. Everything flows.

Now, on the other hand, there also took place fun comments with a couple people about the imagery instigated by my posting. Well... good. Everything flows. Fun is experienced by all.

Until someone mentions me singing. Very few of you can claim the experience of hearing me sing. Do note I've said "experience" not "joy" eh? I can do passably well when singing in a chorus, because my ear allows me to match the pitch fairly closely and when the melody goes beyond my range, I lip-synch silently. A capella, however, is guarenteed to cause permanent psychic trauma.

Which, nonetheless, does not prevent me from singing.

You have been warned.

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